Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Serious injury can be life-altering, and sometimes life-ending. Working with insurance companies or negligent parties to resolve your claim and move forward from an injury can be difficult and confusing. Trust the attorneys at Bradley G. Davis Law Office to provide you with the attention, compassion and experience necessary to handle your claim.

We will work tirelessly to hold accountable those who caused your harm, and strive to obtain just compensation for damages. Such damages may include: compensation for lost wages, diminished earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and future expenses. Our law firm is experienced in evaluating the impact of an injury on your life, and will be your advocate through every step of a legal claim.

Legal Clerk Guin Becker assists in managing claims through their resolution. They are experts in locating pertinent documents and compiling clear, relevant files. They also take the time to reassure clients and will keep you informed regarding the status of your claim. Their primary goal at all times is to ensure that you are confident and knowledgeable regarding the progression of your claim.

Our firm handles all types of serious personal injury matters, including brain trauma, spinal cord injury and paralysis, burn injury, amputation, and loss of function. Injuries can be sustained as a result of:

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Construction Site Accidents Premises Liability Defective Products and Products Liability Abuse of the Elderly or Disabled

If you were involved in a motor vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, contact us to help you fully evaluate your injuries and their impact on your life before you sign settlement documents with the involved insurance companies.

A slip and fall or other premises accident can cause serious, permanent injury and should not be taken lightly. Retail and grocery stores, restaurants, and other property owners have a duty to maintain their premises and parking lots in a reasonably safe condition. If a dangerous condition exists, it should be repaired or remedied as soon as possible, and the public should be warned of any danger until it is corrected.

Product manufacturers and retailers have a duty to sell products that are safe for their intended use and any reasonably foreseeable use. When a defect in the design or manufacture of a product results in injury by the user, the maker of the product is liable for the damages caused. A product may also be considered defective when it does not contain adequate safety warnings or instructions for safe use.

The elderly and those with disabilities can be targets of abuse by people in a position of authority, whether in a nursing home or other care facility, or at home by a family member or caregiver. The abuse may be financial, physical or sexual in nature. Attorney Bradley Davis is particularly experienced with and sensitive to these issues as he has served for The Arc of King County, a nonprofit that works with those with developmental disabilities.

Whether your case goes to trial, or is resolved in pre-trial negotiations, the attorneys at Bradley G. Davis Law Office are skilled litigators and will strategically work to resolve your case for your maximum benefit.


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