General Litigation

Attorneys Bradley Davis and Meredith Sawyer have nearly 40 years of combined experience defending individuals, businesses and insurance companies in a wide variety of civil defense matters. Their experience includes the handling of thousands of claims arising out of motor vehicle, truck, pedestrian, premises, product, and work site accidents.

We handle all aspects of accident claims, including pre-suit investigation, retention of relevant experts, early development of defenses and strategies, discovery planning, and exposure analysis. Our experience representing diverse defendants in a wide variety of accident claims and cases gives our approach to defense work unique balance and perspective. Once in suit, we apply a very focused and streamlined approach to discovery and value assessment that is tailored to each particular case.

We know how expensive discovery can be, particularly in large damage cases. We also understand the need to defend claims in a cost-effective manner. As a result, we assess each case individually and conduct only the discovery necessary to efficiently develop the theories and defenses to prepare the case for settlement or trial.

Although expensive and the results often unpredictable, trial is necessary for certain cases. We enjoy trying cases and are good at it. We utilize cutting edge trial technology in an effort to make the case understandable to the average juror.

We look forward to discussing your case with you.

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